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SDR Pro Traffic Classifier

    Providing accurate vehicle classification data in the harshest of environments the SDR Pro Radar Traffic Classifier excels where in road sensors would fai...

Carmarthenshire educate children with SID

How would you feel if your child was knocked down by a speeding driver? In a unique and hard-hitting speed reduction initiative, primary schoolchildren acr...

Speed Watch

Education for drivers  ... EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES, EDUCATING DRIVERS   The new SPEEDWATCH system from Traffic Technology Ltd is a compact radar device spec...

Safety on Site with SID

  Traffic Technology’s SID speed Indicator Devices offer site Health and Safety Managers with a non-confrontational, proactive approach to the problem of spe...

Advanced cycle detection

ZELT cycle detection and monitoring   The first truly low power cycle detection system, the Zelt system uses inductive loops to detect the unique signature ...

  • SDR Pro Traffic Classifier

  • Carmarthenshire educate children with SID

  • Speed Watch

  • Safety on Site with SID

  • Advanced cycle detection

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