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Eco-combo GSM telemetry
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Eco-combo GSM telemetry
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Eco-combo GSM features a compact integrated modem which the logger uses to connect to the GPRS data network to automatically send the daily traffic counts to the Eco-visio platform.

Telemetry allows users to significantly reduce operating costs for remote access of data.

Maximise efficiency and minimise down time with almost real time data access. The integral Eco alert system highlights to the user to any potential problems that may require further assistance or user intervention.


This system can be managed for your convenience by Traffic Technology Ltd.


Data is automatically downloaded, allowing daily access to reports, statistics via EcoVisio.

  • Remote, hard to access locations
  • Crucial sites to allow a daily monitoring of the data
  • Projects in a large geographic area
  • Projects of low operational cost


The Eco-GSM modem is completely waterproof and can be installed underground.


Material: Non-metallic

Diameter: 16 cm

Weight: 950 g

Operating temperature: From -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to 140°F)

Battery life: 10 years minimum

Waterproof : IP 6.8

Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to 140°F)

Compatible sensors: All inclusive

Minimum requirement: GSM network coverage

Non metal housing (manhole/cabinet)

Eco-combo includes a GSM modem


Once the level of network coverage has been checked, the Eco-combo GSM modem is easily configured using a mobile phone and sending an activation SMS.

Service subscription

The Eco-combo GSM modem is an all-inclusive solution.  SIM cards and management of the accounts with our GSM network partners are included in the subscription.  Minimum of 24 months subscription per logger.


The data is automatically transferred every day to the Eco-visio platform using the GSM network (GPRS).  In the event of poor transmission or no connection to the network, data will be automatically sent the next day (up to 80 days backwards).


  • Email alert when a problem is suspected or there are significant changes in the data
  • Low battery warning
  • Data backup
  • Data sharing through a network of users using the Eco-visio platform





  • Rural areas : High quality plastic manhole to hide and protect the equipment.
  • Urban areas: TT3.30012  non-metallic manhole to allow data transmission without compromising robustness.


Additional batteries: Double the power by adding an extra battery pack « click & lock» system