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ETube - Cycle detection and monitoring
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ETube - Cycle detection and monitoring
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The ETube wireless sensor technology has been designed to supply a cost effective wireless wheel detection system and is used in a range of applications such as cycle detection systems.


The major advantage of the ETube cycle monitoring system is the wireless communication between the self-powered sensor and the receiver station, which requires no cable connection between the sensor and receiver.


Installation of the ETube cycle monitoring system is reduced to a minimum by the sensor stick-down technology enabling even a complex system setup to be carried out in a few hours.


Modern communication technologies such as built-in GPRS wireless data communication enable the user to communicate with the system remotely and the low power consumption of the receiver station allows 365 days' operation using solar technology.




Applications for the Etube system include the following

  • Off Road monitoring
  • Multiple path routes




ETube receiver:

Memory: 2,500,000 pulses

Frequency: 868.3 MHz

Weight: 4.9 kg

Dimensions: 300 × 350 × 150mm

Material: Polymer



Sensor: Pressure sensitive switch

Transmitter frequency: 868.3 MHz

Transmission range: up to 80 m

Weight: 220 g

Dimensions: 1750 × 100 × 9mm

Housing: PVC, elastomer, polymer