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ZELT cycle monitoring
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ZELT cycle monitoring
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The innovative ZELT inductive loop sensor invisibly counts cycles in mixed vehicular traffic with an accuracy of +/-5%.


Using a specially-shaped inductive loop installed in the traffic or cycle lane at a depth of 2-4cm, the cycle counter detects the unique signature of each cycle wheel as it passes over the loop.  All other electromagnetic signals are ignored.  Data is recorded using the Eco Logger.  Each loop analyses cycle traffic within a 1.5m corridor.  Several loops can be integrated in a single counting device to accomodate wider cycle paths up to 6m.



The system was developed, tested and patented by the CETE Sud Ouest le CETE du Sud-Ouest / ZELT (zone expérimentale laboratoire trafic) France in 1999, and adapted and validated by Eco-Counter.