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Eco-combo mixed mode traffic counter
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Eco-combo mixed mode traffic counter
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The Eco-combo traffic logger can manage several sensors simultaneously, due to the unique ‘click and lock’ system which enables several units to be combined to provide up to 16 channels for multi-direction, multi-count sites for combined vehicle, cycle and pedestrian monitoring.  The Eco-combo can distinguish between different types of users on a single path and determine their direction.  Up to 16 different sensors can be connected to a single logger, or 8 per direction if directional data breakdown is required.


A specific algorithm separately analyses each type of movement on each connected sensor and triggers the corresponding count.  For instance, bicycles will be counted with the inductive ZELT loop and ignored by the Pyro, whereas pedestrians will be counted with the Pyro and ignored by the ZELT.


Ideal for monitoring mixed traffic on:

  • Greenways
  • Cycle trails
  • Other types of shared path
  • Distinguish between horses, motorcycles, cars.  Other vehicles available on request.
Multi cycle pedestrian detection


Material: ABS polycarbonate

Diameter: 16cm

Weight: 950g

Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)

Sensor connection: Reinforced waterproof IP 68

Sensor connection:  Up to 16 sensors may be connected to one logger

Compatibility: Compatible with all types of sensors

Settings: The logger and sensors are programmed for each configuration before delivery.  Specific adjustments can be made on site upon request.



Equipment maintenance is minimal, with industry leading battery performance.


  • Eco-combo logger: 10 years
  • Sensors: 10 years, except for the ZELT Inductive Loop (1 year)
  • GSM modem: 1 year


Full site maintenance and management is available from Traffic Technology Ltd.


Included accessories:


  • Magnetic key
  • Login to access the Eco-visio web based platform


Optional  accessories:


  • 15 mn: data >IN/OUT : directional data breakdown
  • GSM : Modem and service for telemetry (see specific technical sheet)
  • PYRO Post : Designed to hide the logger, battery pack, modem and PYRO sensor
  • Rainbird manhole: To hide and protect the logger if not placed inside a post
  • Personal Data assistant (PDA): To retrieve data on site, adjust sensors and check manual counting
  • Extra battery pack: To double the duration of logger/sensors
  • Sensor options : Please refer to technical sheet for relevant sensor