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Eco-combo mixed mode traffic counter - Accessories and additional products
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Eco-combo mixed mode traffic counter
Technical specifications
Accessories and additional products
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Included accessories:


  • Magnetic key
  • Login to access the Eco-visio web based platform


Optional  accessories:


  • 15 mn: data >IN/OUT : directional data breakdown
  • GSM : Modem and service for telemetry (see specific technical sheet)
  • PYRO Post : Designed to hide the logger, battery pack, modem and PYRO sensor
  • Rainbird manhole: To hide and protect the logger if not placed inside a post
  • Personal Data assistant (PDA): To retrieve data on site, adjust sensors and check manual counting
  • Extra battery pack: To double the duration of logger/sensors
  • Sensor options : Please refer to technical sheet for relevant sensor