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Why monitor pedestrians?

Pedestrian monitoring provides valuable information for decision-making in urban, retail and rural environments.

In urban environments, local authorities monitor pedestrians to evaluate the use of pedestrian walkways over time and observe seasonal visitor variations, in order to evaluate pedestrian numbers/levels. 

Pedestrian monitoring in retail environments provides continuous and measurable information for retail managers, allowing them to see where people go, in what numbers and at what time of day, in order to maximise resources. 

Pedestrian monitoring in rural areas enables the local authority to assess trends in walking levels at local recreational areas, and evaluate maintenance requirements.

  • Scheme evaluation facility
  • Management rank sites by usage
  • Evaluate frequency over time
  • Justify investments
  • Anticipate erosion and degradation
  • Understand visitor circulation
  • Adapt the layout to real needs
  • Quantify the attraction of a site
  • Deploy staff appropriatetly
  • Convince your partners with precise figures
  • Assess the impact of publicity
  • Plan maintenance priorities
  • Monitor seasonal variations
  • Evaluate the impact of new equipment
  • Efficiency, allow you to optimise your day-to-day management