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PYRO-Zoom pedestrian monitoring
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PYRO-Zoom pedestrian monitoring
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The PYRO Zoom has revolutionised the world of downtown management: it is the only ready-to-use device which allows you to monitor pedestrian traffic in urban areas. Just plug in and start counting!


Range up to 15 meters: The PYRO Zoom is perfect for counting on wide streets


Mounted in the Pyro Box Compact, the PYRO Zoom pedestrian monitor does not require any specific skill to set up. Just plug in and start counting! Delivered ready to install, it can be fixed to any type of post in a few minutes. No more need for weighty administrative procedures or complex installation.





  • Easy to deploy and to move from place to place: save on time and labour
  • Can be installed anywhere on any type of post: a non-intrusive solution
  • Integrated GSM modem : provides data 24/7 in all weather conditions
  • Recording counts with 15 minutes intervals
  • Gives directional data breakdown (in/out)
  • Wireless technology for reduced maintenance
  • Limited initial outlay and investment needed