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iSight-ID cycle Information Display
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iSight-ID cycle Information Display
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Active Transport

Our Philosophy

Promote & Protecting cyclists – on our roads


activetransport-ecomultiAt the heart of all iSight displays for active transportation promotion and protection is the ZELT cycle detector from Eco Counter a high accuracy, low power loop based cycle detection logger. The ZELT system is used as a trigger and was chosen for its reliability and proven track record of providing 24/7 data.



Display Options

Meet government cycling targets and show cyclists they count.
Promote dedicated cycling infrastructure and highlight active routes to cyclists with an elegant, clear sign.

Using ZELT technology, iSight boosts active transportation by detecting and monitoring cycles, providing route promotion feedback via real time counts. This allows organisations to share active transportation data with the public, educate motorists, and improve the environment.


(information display)


(iD + cycle icon)

Why promote usage?


Non sustainable transport users to Think!
about your routes
How many cyclist were there today? this year?
There really is an alternative way to work?
Im surprised cycling is so popular?
Reward cyclist

Provide a positive message to route users
Which cycle routes are most popular?
Proud to feel part of a growing community?
Show Cyclist they Count !




Technical Specs

Traffic Technology Ltd products have been developed through over 35 years experience in the industry, we only use quality components designed to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.

This focus by the team at Traffic Technology means that the customer receives a product that is of the highest standard and built to last.




  • Weight: 8kg
  • Power: 12vdc, mains, solar, wind Chassis
  • Colours: Available in Black, Silver
  • Connectors: IP67 snap lock multipin with moulded over cable
  • Fixing: Stainless steel security pegs
  • Dimensions: 750mm x 510mm x 50mm
  • Communications: Internal wifi web server
  • Display options: WigWags, Spinning Wheels, Frame Flash
  • Construction: Double sealed lexan screen (6mm), aluminium chassis