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SID Speed Indication Display - SID Modes of operation
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SID Speed Indication Display
SID Modes of operation
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The Speed Indication Display provides an extremely effective road safety tool for a range of speed-reduction initiatives; the system provides overt and covert monitoring.


SID is extremely versatile and can be deployed in minutes, coming complete with 10 day interchangable battery and anti-theft bracket, ready to deploy unit.


The Speed Indicator Device (SID) is not just static display.  It has several unique features that give users greater flexibility and a better understanding of how to maximise its use as a road safety tool.


Unlike fixed VAS (Vehicle Activated Signs) which tend to lose local effect after only a short period of time, SID  is extremely portable and independent (10 day battery life), which means with strategic rotation deployment the road safety effectiveness is not lost, and coverage is maximised.


In addition the following modes of operation are available for users to select as desired, once again,
utilising the same road safety display for multiple tasks.