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Pyro IR pedestrian and cycle detection

The Eco Pyro infra red pedestrian monitor uses the heat generated by the human body to accurately count pedestrians, even if they are close together.  The Eco Pyro is ideal for both urban and rural counting, indoors or outside, for easy and quick evaluation of walking trends.  The device is also suitable for mixed traffic counting, e.g., pedestrians, cyclists and rollerbladers.


The equipment is easy to install and requires no in-ground sensors, and the customised mounting kit enables the pedestrian monitor to be discreetly installed in any location.  It is easily moved from site to site, making it ideal for temporary counting.


Operating principle


A lens sensitive to the infrared radiation emitted by the human body detects each pedestrian.  The narrowness of the walkway means that two people following each other closely can be counted.  For wider walkways, two lenses can be placed facing opposite directions.