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Pyro Compact pedestrian and cycle detection
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Pyro Compact pedestrian and cycle detection
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The Pyro Box Compact uses the patented Eco-counter Pyroelectric sensor to deliver a reliable solution for pedestrian and cycle counting. The box is vandal-proof and can be installed temporarily or permanently.  Independent studies have verified the accuracy of the system, even in high traffic conditions.


The customised mounting kit offers flexibility and allows installation on any type of post, making the Pyro Box Compact a truly portable all-inclusive pedestrian and cycle counter for use in both urban and rural areas.


Pedestrians are detected by a lens sensitive to the infrared emitted by the human body detects. The narrowness of the detection area ensures that two people following each other closely will be counted.  For wider walkways, two lenses can be installed facing in opposite directions.


Easy to install and move, the Pyro Box Compact pedestrian and cycle counter is fully independent with a 10 year battery life.  The system has a memory capacity of over 10 months.  The Eco-GSM modem can be included if a telemetry option is required.