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SID Speed Indication Display
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SID Speed Indication Display
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Developed to inform drivers and the community of speed behaviour, SID is a rugged, lightweight radar activated Speed Indication Display  that can be used at temporary or permanent locations.


SID provides a non-confrontational warning to drivers, warning them of their speed via an LED display and putting social pressure on them to decrease speed when required.



Affectionately known as "Smiley SID" Speed Indication Display, SID has gained acceptance by its user selectable "Safety Smile" mode giving a friendly presentation of a serious message, reinforcing safety and educating drivers on site and within our communities.


  • Battery/solar/mains power options available
  • Bluetooth communications
  • Simple to use and set up using Palm Pilot PDA or DataCollector
  • 200m radar range
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Safe, easy installation
  • Data storage via MyTrafficData


The Speed Indication Display provides an extremely effective road safety tool for a range of speed-reduction initiatives; the system provides overt and covert monitoring.


SID is extremely versatile and can be deployed in minutes, coming complete with 10 day interchangable battery and anti-theft bracket, ready to deploy unit.


The Speed Indicator Device (SID) is not just static display.  It has several unique features that give users greater flexibility and a better understanding of how to maximise its use as a road safety tool.


Unlike fixed VAS (Vehicle Activated Signs) which tend to lose local effect after only a short period of time, SID  is extremely portable and independent (10 day battery life), which means with strategic rotation deployment the road safety effectiveness is not lost, and coverage is maximised.


In addition the following modes of operation are available for users to select as desired, once again,
utilising the same road safety display for multiple tasks.

In safety mode the sign displays the speed of approaching vehicles, alternating with either a happy or sad face depending on preset speed limit.


Ideally used as part of a campaign at schools or speed sensitive areas where "Positive Driver Feedback" can be used to educate and inform drivers to be aware of their speed.


SID is an extremely friendly, acceptable and powerful way of increasing speed safety awareness.


In standard mode, the Speed Indication Display informs drivers directly of their speed by flashing the speed of vehicles that approach the sign above the preset speed limit.


As with all options there is an upper speed threshold where speeds are no longer displayed.


PSL stands for Posted Speed Limit, in this mode the safety display can be set to echo and reinforce the area's speed limit.


Approaching vehicles exceeding the PSL will be shown the speed limit by numbers flashing, this can be combined with the safety function to give an alternating limit and sad face.


Aimed at reinforcing a new speed limit change or the implementation of a 20mph zone, the difference mode can be used as part of a dedicated awareness campaign.

Vehicles exceeding the preset speed limit will be informed of their excessive speed.

Difference mode is used in conjunction with the optional "TOO FAST" legend.

When used in this mode, SID becomes a covert monitoring device. With no display active the unit records the time and speed of approaching vehicles.  Data can subsequently be downloaded and compared to that of the active results.


SID is a lightweight radar activated speed display that can be used at temporary or permanent locations, within communities or to reduce "on-site" speeds.


  • Sensor: Microwave, 5 mW output
  • Frequency band: 24.000 – 24.250 GHz
  • Operating Frequency: 24.150 – 24.250 GHz (UK selected)
  • Speed range: 3-250Km/h / 2-155 mph
  • Resolution: 1 Km/h / 1 mph
  • Radar range: up to 120m (passenger car)
  • Memory: 512 kB • Weight: 8,5 Kg net (battery 2,7 Kg)
  • Dimensions: 604 x 776 x 200 mm
  • Housing: PVC, Lexan
  • Data storage for 60,000 vehicle events
  • Tracking radar capable of storing vehicles' entrance and exit speed


Radar Certification Registration No. E813427P-EO, Date 14.01.2003?Product Designation: IPS24-2-8-4-143/144?Product Description: Short Range Device – Radar Sensor?Essentials requirements: Radio spectrum (R&TTE article 3.2)?Specification / Standards: ETSI EN 300 440-2 V1.1.1 (2001-09)