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Traffic surveys, traffic monitoring and data collection
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Traffic surveys, traffic monitoring and data collection
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National Data Collection Business Division


As a leading traffic data equipment supplier, Traffic Technology Ltd provides a world class technical consultancy in all aspects of data collection for transportation planning, traffic engineering and market research.


Traffic Technology Ltd is one of the few major suppliers with a comprehensive in-house traffic data collection and management business, combined with a full complement of the latest monitoring technologies. Our clients range from large scale national projects to small regional clients requiring accurate data in a timescale to suit their requirements.


Traffic Technology Ltd has earned a justifiable reputation for:

  • Innovation and commitment
  • Exceeding client objectives and aspirations
  • On time, reliable, high quality service delivery
  • Realistic approach to managing deliverables


Quality staff and relationships - our biggest strengths for consistent business

Our highly qualified and experienced staff are dedicated to working closely with our clients, providing them with unrivalled performance.

Our core business strategy is commitment and best practice in delivering the most accurate cost effective service to our clients.

Data accuracy and repeated business is the measure of our commitment to understanding clients' needs and maintaining long term professional business.


Experienced in all levels of data collection, processing and analysis

Our data collection clients include a wide range of survey clients including Transport Consultants, Transport for London, Police Forces, Government Departments and their agents, Local Authorities and Parish Councils.

All works conducted using full scheme approved beaconed, liveried, and class 1 chevroned vehicles.

Video surveys


Traffic Technology is an expert in the following study areas

Parking surveys

Market research

Manual traffic counts

Radar speed surveys

Journey time surveys

Automatic traffic counts

Public transport surveys

Video surveys and analysis

Vehicle registration surveys

Roadside interview surveys

Household interview surveys

Pedestrian counts and interviews


We have a dedicated traffic surveys team


Managed by professionals experienced in numerous data collection, processing and analysis techniques.

Our professional installation teams

As suppliers of world leading traffic monitoring equipment, we have unrivalled technical knowledge of how to obtain the most accurate results to meert and exceed the client's needs.


Our knowledge and experience, along with motivated, flexible teams ensures that we are capable of undertaking even large scale processing tasks at short notice.


Active Transportation : Whether it is pedestrian, cyclist, equestrian or other non-motorised members of the travelling public, we are able to provide either manual surveys or automated traffic survey techniques to monitor or investigate their behaviour.

Vehicle Monitoring: We provide teams of skilled manual and video enumeration staff to carry the most complex of scheme assessments, backed by our commitment to invest in world leading automated technologies. These include the Traffic Technology Ltd SDR radar traffic classifiers, ANPR, tube recorders and per second GPS data loggers which are used for integration into journey and traffic speed measurement surveys.

Data Processing: Clients' survey data and project status information sis made available via Traffic Technology Ltd secure web hub, ensuring clients are kept informed of their project's progress and notifying them when there survey data is available.


Since 2004 Traffic Technology Ltd has been providing innovative solutions for road safety, vehicle monitoring, and the active transportation markets; we specialise in counting and classifying vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and horses.

Our areas of business include highways authorities, greenways, inner city street management, active transportation, tourist monitoring and natural areas.

Today we combine this experience and technology to provide unrivalled survey and services solutions in our National Data Collection Business Division.

Greenways National and regional parks

Urban paths

Scheme assessments

Inner city street management

Market research

Road safety audits

Vehicle motioning

Downtown management

Vehicle registration surveys

Impact assessment data

Speed indication displays

Automatic pedestrian counts

Tourist attraction and event management data