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ZELT vehicle monitoring
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ZELT vehicle monitoring
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The innovative ZELT inductive loop sensor invisibly counts vehicles in mixed vehicular traffic with an accuracy of +/-5%.  The system is ideal for permanent or temporary traffic counting.



Applications include vehicle counting on asphalt or unmade roads and vehicle counting at a car park entrance. Using an inductive loop inserted in the road at a depth of 2-5cm, the Zelt vehicle monitor detects the electromagnetic signature of each vehicle as it passes goes over the loop.


Loops are 1.5 m long, and up to four loops may be joined together; because they are inserted in the road, the sensors are almost completely invisible, reducing the risk of vandalism. A 7.2V lithium-ion battery provides trouble free operation for up to a year.


Developed, tested and patented by the CETE Sud Ouest in 1999, the Zelt vehicle monitor was adapted and validated by Eco-Counter.

Power consumption:

The Zelt vehicle monitoring sensor is delivered with a 7.2V lithium battery for a battery life of 1 year for one or two loops. A 6V alkaline battery can also be used for a battery life of 6 months. The loop could also be powered by mains electricity. A flashing light indicates when the battery has reached a critical level.



All cars that have metal in the wheel frame (almost all models).  Some slow moving two-wheel motorised vehicles might be omitted from the count.



5% depending on the quality of the installation and the type of flow.



Sensitivity and timer are set in the factory.



Allow between one and two hours to install one loop on an asphalt road.


Ground preparation:

The sensor is connected to the logger by 4m of cable (other lengths available on request). Power cutters (diamond disk) must be used in order to cut the asphalt.  A trench is also required for cable and post for the cabinet.



  • Vehicle counting on an asphalt or unmade road
  • Counting at the entrance of a car park