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Pyro Nano
SID G5 Speed Display
Eco Visio 5
SDR Traffic Classifier
iSight iD
Urban Bollard
ZELT Urban
Multi Nature
Pyro Sensor
ZELT Greenways
Multi Cars/Buses
Multi Urban
Eco-Visio Maps
Eco-Visio Weather
Urban Post
Eco-Classic Display

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       i-Sight Custom realtime cycle promotion display

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From concept to commissioning we’re here to help and advise you, got an idea?! Contact us
First Meeting
Whether a simple phone call or site visit we aim to impress with our production knowledge and problem solving .
We aim to work closely with all stakeholders ensuring on time delivery and achievable project milestones.
Solutions to meet your requirements, with the UK’s widest range of active transportation monitoring solutions we can accurately tailor to your needs.
Equipment fit for purpose by design. Extreme environments worldwide shape the design of all our products.
Head of our design team are the many worldwide customers we have, shaping the future of product and system development


Pioneering and leading the field
of pedestrian and bike counting
For more than 15 years, our partners Eco-Counter have been dedicated to the development of automated pedestrian and cyclist counting systems.

By specializing exclusively in bike and pedestrian applications, they have developed the most innovative, quality systems available on the market. Their products are each designed for different counting needs and deployed all over the world: from remote hiking trails to the bike lanes of New York City.

Eco-Counter are innovators not imitators, and lead development of pedestrian and cycling monitoring for both urban and natural areas.

Traffic Technology Ltd – Proud to be nominated for Intertraffic Safety Innovation Award 2018
“This year’s Intertraffic Amsterdam Innovation Award competition saw a very high number of entries in the Safety category. Many constitute important improvements of existing products, whilst others could be labelled ‘cross-overs’ as they incorporate smart traffic elements. The nominees include a non-threatening, easy to operate radar device that can be used in community traffic safety efforts, a dynamic system to provide safe speeds for crossing pedestrians, and a next-generation LiDAR smart camera.”

Jury chairman Peter van der Knaap, Managing Director – SWOV, Institute for Road Safety Research

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