Active Transportation

Counting pedestrians and cyclists is crucial to understanding current numbers and predicting future demand. As numbers of commuters travelling on foot or by bike increase, it becomes essential to incorporate these active modes into transportation planning.

Many local authorities are implementing policies that encourage active transportation; count data helps inform decision-making. Collecting reliable data is important to help justify investments, predict future demand and plan for future pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

Traffic Technology has a range of automatic counters that are reliable, discreet, robust and battery-powered. These systems are designed exclusively for counting pedestrians and cyclists in the city.

The collected data can be used to measure the success of an active transportation policy and our easy-to-use software enables the communication of those results to the public.

Products in Range

Eco Visio 5
SDR Traffic Classifier
iSight iD
Urban Bollard
ZELT Urban
Multi Urban
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