Traffic Technology Ltd are very excited to be nominated for the Intertraffic Amsterdam Safety Award 2018

“This year’s Intertraffic Amsterdam Innovation Award competition saw a very high number of entries in the Safety category. Many constitute important improvements of existing products, whilst others could be labelled ‘cross-overs’ as they incorporate smart traffic elements. The nominees include a non-threatening, easy to operate radar device that can be used in community traffic safety efforts, a dynamic system to provide safe speeds for crossing pedestrians, and a next-generation LiDAR smart camera.” Jury chairman Peter van der Knaap, Managing Director – SWOV, Institute for Road Safety Research

SpeedWatch+ by Traffic Technology Ltd (United Kingdom)
Newly developed to provide an additional educational element to the Traffic Technology Community SpeedWatch system, SpeedWatch+ wirelessly interfaces to the SpeedWatch device to warn drivers of their disregard of community road safety. Messages including Mobile phone use!, Fasten seat belt!, Excess speed! provide a direct warning to violating drivers.

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