System Overview

The CITIX-IR camera is the most advanced and precise counting system available on the market. The system is mounted 3m to 4m (10′ to 13′) high and uses passive-infrared technology to count pedestrians and detect their direction of travel.

The unparalleled precision of the system makes it ideal for counting pedestrians on high-traffic sidewalks and pedestrian streets. The CITIX-IR camera does not use images to detect people, therefore there is no infringement on privacy.

The ultra-sensitive system detects the heat emitted by people moving through the detection area below, so the system performs exceptionally well, both day and night.

  • High precision
  • Counts pedestrians in dense groups
  • Measures the direction of travel
  • Turn-key solution
  • Seamless data transmission to our software
  • Works in all weather conditions
CITIX-IR camera can be installed in Town Centre’s to measure the impact of cultural events and to develop long-term user trends. Gathering valuable visitor information that can be used to attract new businesses and to justify new investment in infrastructure.

Monitoring Town Centre investment is key to sustainable growth. CITIX-IR is a robust outdoor solution that provides a means of impact assessment during build phases providing comparable before and after datasets

The CITIX-IR thermal camera is Eco-Counter’s recommended solution for long-term counting of pedestrians on high-traffic sidewalks. Since the system uses thermal imaging to detect, there is no infringement on privacy.

  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • Operating temperature range:
  • Waterproofness
  • Typical Supply Current:
  • Housing:
  • Coating
  • Detection Range:

Categories: Active Transportation, ITS & Smart Cities, Pedestrian Monitoring, Town Centre Management

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