Share your successes

Collecting data is important, but sharing this data with the public is a great way to share the success of your cycling policy. Users can browse dedicated Webpages, and discover the trends and key figures of your counting points.

Public Web Page
The Public Web Page is an easy way to share your data with the public and other stakeholders. The counting data can be published on a dedicated web page for easy access by your website users.

Public Web Page +
Public Web Page + allows you to compare and display the data of several counting points on the same webpage. It enables users to compare attendance of different sites and have a global viewpoint.

Eco-Classic Live Counts
Actualised every 10 minutes, the Eco-Totem Live Counts is a communication module which gives the opportunity to follow attendance.

Categories: Active Transportation, Cycle Tourism, ITS & Smart Cities, Natural Areas, Parks & Recreation, Town Centre Management

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