Eco-Classic Display

System Overview

The Eco-Classic combines Eco-Counter’s ZELT counting system with an elegant, real-time display. This impressive and interactive piece of street furniture encourages cycling by communicating to cyclists that they count.

The ZELT loops are installed on the bike lane, adjacent to the Eco-Classic display unit. The system displays daily and cumulative year-to-date bike counts (option: additional date/time display).

The ZELT loop precisely analyzes the electromagnetic signature of each bicycle wheel using 13 differentiation criteria. The ZELT’s unique SIRIUS algorithm allows the system to detect all types of bicycles, including carbon and aluminum frames, with extreme precision.

  • Elegant piece of street furniture
  • Customizable display
  • Display visible at night (backlight)
  • Robust and vandal-resistant
  • Highly accurate on all bike facilities
  • Data available on public webpage
Manchester installed two Eco-Classic on Oxford Road. Installed near Denmark Road junction and Whitworth Art Gallery, the two counters clock how many pass each day and also provide an annual cumulative count.

Placed on this major bike route, the Eco-Classic is a visible sign of the City’s commitment to cycling.
And the surprise results surpass the number of cyclists initially believed to be using the route, south of the city centre.

The data from the counters on Oxford Road can also be checked on the Eco-Visio – where you can also compare with other cities !

The Eco-Classic is an effective and popular communication tool for promoting cycling. Worldwide, there are more than 100 Eco-Classic’s displaying daily and annual bike counts in real-time.

More recently, Eco-Classic has been installed in Chicago, Auckland, Mexico, Avesta, Belo-Horizonte and many more


  • Dimensions: 230 x 46 x 16 cm
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Operating temperature range: -30 C/+50 C
  • Waterproofness: IP55
  • Material: Aluminium frame and shock-resistant polycarbonate
  • Graffiti-proof and Rust-proof powder coating
  • Power Supply: 24V or 230V
  • 6 or 8-digit green LED display or barograph for daily/yearly counts

Categories: Active Transportation, Cycle Tourism, ITS & Smart Cities

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