Eco Visio 5

The UK’s No1 active transportation monitoring database

Eco Visio has always been the UK’s leading purpose designed cycle & pedestrian monitoring database, with an unrivalled intuitive interface and functionality.

Among other significant advantages, Eco-Visio 5 presents your count data in the form of easy-to-use interactive dashboards, easily accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

This update allows you to save your preferred data analyses (such as hourly pedestrian profiles or peak day) and access them automatically with each login.

The advantages:

  • Your preferred data analyses immediately accessible;
  • Dozens of data analysis modules (widgets) for dynamic data visualisation;
  • Easily share dashboards and reports with partners.
Analyse and Visualise Your Data Like Never Before
With Eco-Viso 5, your count data is accessible at any given moment and preferred data analyses are saved and automatically updated daily.

With Eco-Visio 5, your data analyses are presented in the form of a personalised dashboard. Data are visible at any given moment, saved in real time on your account.

Dashboards consist of a variety of interactive ‘widgets’ – dynamic data visualization modules. Organize and personalize your dashboard as you wish with over a dozen widgets, including:

Tables with automatically-generated key figures
Interactive charts and graphs
Maps of counter location and business
Widgets are dynamic, allowing you to easily filter counting sites, time-periods, or parameters. Explore these widgets directly on your dashboard – data is automatically updated and waiting for you when you login.

Share Data, Collaborate More & Engage Partners
Eco-Visio 5 allows you to create reports, dashboards and dynamic widgets to be shared with partners – never has it been so easy to engage stakeholders and the public with your data..

Export charts and tables directly or download the data in Excel format – Eco-Visio 5 allows you to easily share your count data with partners straight from the platform.

Go one-step-further with your data and export it directly in the form of a pre-prepared, personalised PDF report, ready to be shared with your partners.

Try Eco-Visio today, or get in touch with us to learn more:

Which Eco-Visio licence is right for you?

Our Eco-Visio 5 data analysis software is available with two licenses: Eco-Visio 5 Basic and Eco-Visio 5 Professional. Access to the Professional License gives you full access to exciting premium features, including Eco-Alerts, advanced analytics and unlimited dashboards. To benefit from a Professional license, a recurring annual subscription is required. If your counters have automatic (wireless) data transmission, access to the Professional license is free!


Are you an Eco-Visio 5 Basic user and want to take advantage of Professional features, such as creating dashboards and adding widgets without limitation?


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