System Overview

The iSight iD (information display) is a real-time display that can connect to any cycle detection system with a contact closure or optically isolated detector.

Extensively used with the Eco-Counter ZELT bike counting system the display shows both daily and cumulative bike counts. Due to the low power and light weight of the unit it’s ideal for both permanent and temporary locations.

Wireless and solar options give the iSight iD total autonomy and an unrivalled ease of installation with no civil engineering required.
The interactive display encourages cycling by communicating to cyclists that they count; it is a perfect solution for promoting ride-to-work or bike-to-school campaigns.

  • Light and Compact
  • Customisable graphics (easy refresh)
  • Solar, mains or battery operation
  • Robust and vandal resistant
  • Ultra low power truly green solution
  • CSS-Road safety option available

  • When designing the iSight iD we wanted a truly green customisable cycle promotion display, what’s the point of encouraging sustainable transportation without sustainable infrastructure. We looked carefully at manufacture and how we could reduce power consumption and chemical use, so we took the green route and not the easy one.

    All displays can have client custom print graphics that are designed and manufactured at Traffic Technology using Eco solvent printing methods.


    Eliminating the need for cabling to the display from the detector the Wireless option allows for secure addressable signals to be sent to the display. The Wireless module has a short range at ground level so it is advised for the display to be above the detection module. Above ground systems signal is 50 to 80m. Wireless module can send total flow or directional information.


    Adding the Cycle Icon to the display increases awareness and can offer the benefit of safety being large and flashing to passing motorists warn them to the presence of cyclists.


    Utilising the wireless addressable nature of our displays, two displays can be used to talk to each other either passing directional trigger signals on to the appropriate display whist incrementing the total count.


    A network of displays can be configured to pass either count or warning data to appropriate displays to illuminate at key times.

    Traffic Technology Ltd products have been developed through over 35 years experience in the industry, we only use quality components designed to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.

    This focus by the team at Traffic Technology means that the customer receives a product that is of the highest standard and built to last.

    Weight: 8kg
    Power: 12vdc, mains, solar, wind
    Chassis Colours: Available in Black, Silver
    Connectors: IP67 snap lock multipin with moulded over cable
    Fixing: Stainless steel security pegs
    Dimensions: 750mm x 510mm x 50mm
    Communications: Internal wifi web server
    Display options: WigWags, Spinning Wheels, Frame Flash
    Construction: Double sealed lexan screen (6mm), aluminium chassis

    Categories: Active Transportation, Popup bike lanes, Road Safety

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