A Year in Review: 2021

Whether you were a new or returning customer in 2021, we appreciate you choosing to join us on our journey. Thank you!

Let’s take a look at some of our highlights…

This year you helped make the nation’s roads a little safer by monitoring vehicle speeds all over the country, from Devon all the way to the Shetland Islands. You encouraged active transportation and made sure your local infrastructure reflected the needs of your communities’ traffic habits. You counted over 59 million bicycles and 200 million pedestrians and have directly contributed to the reduction of road accidents when installing SIDs along your roads. We couldn’t have done this year without you!

What are the stats?

If like us you heard a lot about climate change in the last year, with COP26 being held in Glasgow and transport emissions becoming a prominent subject of conversation, then you’ll know that we have ways to go to reach the global target of net-zero emissions by 2050. Great expectations have been set for the transport sector to reduce emissions drastically and as a result there has been increased attention surrounding active transport initiatives.

To keep you in the loop about our progression as a community towards the net-zero target we decided to begin reporting UK cycling trends to you via our social media channels, keeping you up to date with the latest regional and national statistics. You counted over 59 million bicycles across the UK, a 9.9% increase in comparison to 2019. These numbers continue to increase in 2022 and we hope this positive trend extends well into the future.

Together we made 218 system installations across the country. We always make sure to use our years of knowledge and expertise in the industry to decide which technology and site location would best meet your needs, whether that be speed awareness, traffic monitoring or otherwise.

In August we made a new home at the highly-esteemed Silverstone Technology Park. We made the choice to join other prestigious technology and engineering companies in moving to Silverstone to provide our staff with a state of the art working environment and a welcoming venue for clients and partners to experience our products first-hand. We are proud to be surrounded by innovative and fast-growing businesses and we look forward to growing alongside them.

With a new office came new team members! We had two new individuals join Traffic Technology Ltd in 2021 who have assisted us in bringing you technology and service of the highest caliber, as well as contributing to new exciting projects (keep an eye out for more on this soon!).

One of our reports on UK cycle trends in the last year, as first seen on our social media.

A Few Of Your Favourite Things

At the end of the year we announced the availability of the world-first portable device of its kind, ARGOS portable AI traffic object analyser. Alongside the launch of new products we of course continued to offer your tried-and-true favourites from previous years such as the smiley SID G5 Speed Display,  designed for road safety and speed awareness. Across our range of products, new and established, which came out on top in terms of customer choice?

We investigated your product selection trends from 2021 and found that the MULTI Urban was your most popular choice when it comes to Active Transportation monitoring, mainly installed in urban locations due to their ability to camouflage with the surrounding aesthetics. This counter was closely followed in popularity by the ZELT cycle counter and PYRO Evo, both also high-grade pedestrian and cycle counters.

Our SpeedWatch device designed for Community SpeedWatch initiatives prospered in our Road Safety category, narrowly beating out our SID Gen5-Pro and SID Gen5-Smart.

The PYRO Evo prevails when it comes to Natural Areas, Parks & Gardens and Downtown Management, likely influenced by its discrete packaging and ability to be camouflaged easily in any surroundings, whether that be in an urban or rural area.

What’s to come…

Throughout 2021 we have been working consistently towards some big announcements. In many ways, 2021 was about preparing for 2022. All will be revealed soon enough so keep an eye out on our social media or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear our announcements! That is completely up to you, of course. We can’t give much away yet but we are working tirelessly to give you what you deserve.

Finally, a last word from our MD.

Despite numerous hurdles over the past 24 months the support from our customers has been amazing and we truly thank you. We go into 2022 looking to bring new creativity and innovation to the industry and the Traffic Technology Team have been working harder than ever over this period to achieve this. 2022 bring it on, it’s the year of the Tiger! Richard Toomey, Managing Director

Thank you once again. We look forward to collaborating and growing with you this year. Here’s to a prosperous 2022!

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