Natural Areas

Counting hikers on trails is essential for effectively managing natural areas. Traffic Technology provides solutions to obtain accurate attendance figures by hour, day, week, season or year. Using Eco Visio online data analysis platform, it is easy to analyze count data by any time period, to cross-reference attendance figures with meteorological data, and to compare hiking trail use with parking attendance data.

Data collected from automatic counters will help you better understand the usage patterns of parks, recreation facilities and trails. Increased knowledge of the actual attendance flow also helps in the management of personnel and in the development of maintenance schedules.

Traffic Technology Ltd offers a range of counting solutions, including our MULTI system that distinguishes between up to four different types of users: pedestrians, cyclists, equestrians and ATVs. The data from this type of system has been used by many of our clients to manage conflicts between different user types.

Products in Range

Pyro Nano
Eco Visio 5
Multi Nature
Pyro Sensor
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