Popup bike lane monitoring

Get the data you need, when you need it most.

Our automated people counters can 
be deployed in 30 minutes to count pedestrians 
and cyclists on temporary and popup bike and
 pedestrian infrastructure.
 Our durable, battery-powered counters are
 designed to suit a wide variety of installations,
 including bidirectional and unidirectional bike
lanes, enlarged  paths , shared streets and
 much more.

In order to give more space to pedestrians and cyclists, many cities around the world are deploying temporary and pop-up bike and pedestrian infrastructure.

Pop-up infrastructure – sometimes called ʻtactical urbanismʼ – can take many forms, but often involves closing one vehicle lane of a road and allocating that space to cyclists or pedestrians. These projects are usually completed in a short period of time, relying on plastic posts, volunteers, paint, or other low-cost, easy to deploy solutions.

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