SDR Traffic Classifier


System Overview

The SDR is a versatile and reliable traffic classifier using an inbuilt microwave (radar) sensor to measure traffic at a one or two lane (opposite direction) road layout.

The easy setup of the self-calibrating SDR and online traffic monitoring can be done on site by the use of a smartphone without interrupting the traffic flow.
Modern on-board GPRS wireless communication enables the user to access the data remotely without being on site.

  • Non Intrusive
  • High Accuracy vehicle classification
  • Bi Directional
  • Robust and vandal resistant
  • Solar, Mains and GSM Options
  • Works in All weather conditions
SDR traffic – The high-performance traffic data classifier for two lane/direction roads.
Which kind of traffic data do you need today? Which kind you might need in 5 years? The versatile SDR collection device will collect today and tomorrow’s traffic data and the flash updatable firmware will ensure future compatibility!

Speed & vehicle classification of traffic in 4+ user defined length classes.

*cyclists subject to equipment limitations.

Speed & vehicle classification of traffic in 2 defined length classes Car/Truck.

Detection of bicycles and other vehicles in one driving direction.

Directional count of bicycles on dedicated cycle lanes

Accuracy is dependant on correct installation, please contact us for expert advice.

Sensor type Microwave
Frequency Typ. 24,125 GHz
Output power 5 mW
Speed measuring range 3 – 199 km/h or 2 – 130 mph
Resolution 1 km/h; 0,1 m or 1 mph; 3 ft
Units Metrical or english (imperial)
Memory 2 GB
Data format V, date, time, direction, length (PVR)
Data rate Up to 115200 baud
Communication Bluetooth® (local) or GPRS (global)
Bluetooth® range Frontal up to 100 m (line of sight)
Monitoring Online mode via smartphone or GPRS
Setting Via DataCollector, smartphone or GPRS
Installation angle Horizontal 45°; vertical 30° – 90°
Installation roadside distance Up to 10 m
Installation height Up to 8 m
Ambient temperature – 20 °C – + 50 °C
Weight 4,7 kg without battery
Dimensions (HxWxD) 350 x 300 x 150 mm
Housing material PP, PC

Categories: Active Transportation, ITS & Smart Cities, Road Safety, Vehicle Monitoring

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