System Overview

ComEth is a new data logger designed for urban environments. ComEth combines the best of Eco-Counter’s experience and technology and meets ITS requirements, standards and communication protocols.

Compliant with any Eco-Counter sensor, it can be connected to your Traffic Data Management System directly via IP/Ethernet.

  • Designed for urban environments
  • Compliant with any type of counter
  • Ethernet/IP connectivity
  • Real time recording
  • Data restitution interval fully settable via API
ComEth is compliant with any Eco-Counter sensor and logs accurate count data provided by our counters. But thanks to its standard protocols used and its increased connectivity (Ethernet, Wifi, 3G and Solid-State Relay), ComEth also enables a complete interfacing between our counters and the most advanced solutions for traffic management.

This interface allows for instance to synchronize bicycle or pedestrian detection with a “green wave” of traffic lights, or information boards to let users know about the current state of traffic.

Data is sent real-time to be stored on your own servers, but can also be synchronized every 15 minutes on Eco-Visio. ComEth allows a timestamp feature, recording time, date, direction and the type of user detected by the sensor.

Thanks to a dedicated API, you can retrieve data in format JSON/REST with a chosen data interval recording. The embedded webserver allows easy tele maintenance and sensor settings.

  • Dimensions: 132.5mm x 36mm x 210mm
  • Weight: 800g
  • Operating temperature range: -30degC / +70degC
  • Storage temperature range: -40degC / +80degC
  • Waterproofness: IP20 – the product must be stored within an IP65 waterproof cabinet
  • Fixing: DIN mounting rail (EN50022)
  • Internal Memory: 8 Gb – approx. 10 Million recordings
  • Client API: JSON / REST
  • Connectivity: Ethernet/IP – 3G Router (option) – WiFi router (option)
  • Interface: Embedded web server
  • Timestamp: hh:mm:ss

Categories: Active Transportation, Cycle Monitoring, ITS & Smart Cities, Pedestrian Monitoring, Vehicle Monitoring

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