Multi Urban

System Overview

Urban MULTI is an innovative and unique counting system that monitors and differentiates between pedestrians and cyclists.

This system is typically installed permanently and is perfect for obtaining trends of pedestrian and cyclist use over time. This system combines the PYRO, passive infrared, sensor and the ZELT, inductive loop.

An intelligent subsystem, the Smart Connect, analyses the signal from both sensors in order to count and classify each user. The Urban MULTI is optimized to count large groups of pedestrians and cyclists with high accuracy making it ideal for high-volume multi-use paths.

  • Counts and differentiates between pedestrians and cyclists
  • Measures the direction of travel
  • Battery powered – 2-year battery life
  • Seamless data transmission to our software
  • urn-key solution
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Speed classification (optional)
Thanks to its unique design, the Urban MULTI houses the complete counting system (logger, sensors and battery) in its galvanized steel housing. The steel housing is vandal proof and the components inside are completely waterproof. The system has a two-year battery life. Like all Eco-Counters, the Urban Post wirelessly transfers data (by automatic 3G/GSM data transmission option or by manual Bluetooth data transmission) to the Eco-Counter server where it can be easily accessed using Eco-Visio, our specialized, online, data analysis software.

The Urban MULTI is ideal for counting pedestrians and cyclists on shared paths. However, the system can be configured in the manufacturing process to count and classify users that occupy different spaces. For example, the system can count pedestrians on sidewalks and cyclists on a bike lane adjacent to the sidewalk. Simply ask your Eco-Counter representative about building a custom system for your counting site.

  • Detection Width:Up to 6m
  • Battery Life: 1 or 2 ZELT loops: 2 Years / >2 Loops 1 Year
  • Operating temperature range: -40 C to +50 C
  • Waterproofness: IP68
  • Housing: Aluminium

Categories: Active Transportation, Cycle Monitoring, ITS & Smart Cities, Multi Modal, Parks & Recreation, Pedestrian Monitoring

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